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Local Action Project inspires and motivates

Caption: Team members from the Mexico Academy and Central Schools Faculty Association take in a session. Photo by El-Wise Noisette.

It’s time for school: This week, 115 educators from 21 NYSUT locals have been gathering for weeklong classes in building, strengthening and emboldening their unions through an intensive NYSUT program.

Each local union accepted into the Local Action Program signs on for three years in order to start, shape and follow through on projects centered on member involvement, political action, community outreach and communications.

Summer 2015 NYSUT Member Benefits E-Newsletter


I am proud to present to you the Summer 2015 issue of our Member Benefits E-Directelectronic newsletter. I hope that you will find the content useful and ask that you pass this publication along to as many of your NYSUT contacts and members as possible.

Each issue of this electronic publication is put together with great thought and effort as we strive to ensure that we offer helpful hints and tips to our members -- an added benefit of NYSUT membership provided at no cost to NYSUT members. We want all NYSUT members to know that membership in this union provides access to a variety of Member Benefits-endorsed programs & services available exclusively to them and their families.

Please click the link below to view this e-newsletter. This publication includes embedded links that will allow you to learn more about our various endorsed programs & services.


One of our goals at NYSUT Member Benefits is to reach the maximum number of members, and we have seen that we are most successful with this goal when people like you share our materials with your colleagues and friends. We continue to increase the number of members who are aware of the endorsed programs & services that we offer but still have great potential for growth in this area.

We are also pleased that the number of members who participate in our endorsed programs & services continues to grow each year; with your help in forwarding this email and e-newsletter link to your membership, we are confident that this growth will continue in the future as well.

Thank you for your continued support of NYSUT Member Benefits!

Warm regards,

Lynette A. Metz
Director, NYSUT Member Benefits Trust

CEO, NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation