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Dear Members:

I am not sure if you have been paying attention to what is happening in the Supreme Court but the long and short of it is the alt right are trying to destroy our Unions. So what you might say.  I will save $2.00 a day. Well you know that new contract we just got.... it will no longer be valid, that's right it is only valid because it was negotiated by collective bargaining.. no union. that goes away. Now the district can say we will pay you minimum wage..You think that isn't fair... well I hope you have lots of money to hire your own don't... oh well. Remember all those great steps in our new contract for due process....oops  that is gone. Someone accuses you you have no recourse,  they can fire you. you don't want to do things in school you didn't sign up for.. guess you better get another job. Try Wal-Mart... they are spending millions to try and destroy unions.

What is the answer.? You received a committment paper in the mail with a self sddressed stamped envelope to return it. The ONLY way to protect ourselves is to join arms and stay strong with our fellow union brothers and sisters..You aren't happy with some of the political candidates the union supports.. so don't vote for them in the election. Bottom line unless we stand together and fight as one unit we all lose. PLEASE sign and return the commitment letter ASAP and let us stand together as one for our jobs and our lively hood. If you did not receive a package with this important information please contact one of the board members listed on this web page and we will get that to you immediately

Remember with the union we are strong. without it we all suffer. .